June 28, 2016

Between Mud and Mother of the Earth


Om Swastiastu

The sense of deep admiration and respect, the awed by the beauty of paddy field mud seen in the grace of Mepantigan work of art, the harmonious, groundbreaking traditional martial art performed between man and nature, man to man and man to his creator.

Mepantigan’s lively, spiritual and remarkable art energy has made my photographer’s intuition restless. My hands, my heart, all of my beings are aching to create a straightforward, effortless and memorable picture.

Mepantigan is one of a kind, the first, the unique creation of Putu WItsen, a Balinese artist from Singaraja. He combines and infuses martial arts with local wisdom, music/gamelan, movement, philosophy, spiritual and traditional games in a muddy rice field as the homage for Ida Bhatara Sri/ The Goddess of rice. His determination to create the tradition burns like a flame manifested in harmonious of mystical fire “The strong characters represented by Tridatu red, black and white colour- The Creator, Preserver, and Destroyer”.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om


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